A unique and striking light show with musicians magically playing on laser beams. This modern electronic-music act is a beautiful and amazing play with sonorous lasers. Starting as a suggestive visual installation it increases to an intense finale of technical perfection.


An astonishing play with perspective and an energy boost with a lot of heart and humor. As performed on primetime on Swedish TV-gala Eurovision Song Contest, this live-music act is a guaranteed standing ovation. Physical with mind-bending magic visual effects takes acrobatics to a whole new level!

Video loop

Camera magic in a playful way that brings the whole crowd together. Sirqus Alfon is always developing their skills in crowd participation, with finesse, humor and unbelievable technical solutions. This act involves the entire crowd to magically interact with the performers in a live hyper-energetic music video! The video can instantly be uploaded to the hashtag of the event or sent as a file to all participants after the event.

Voice loop

Innovative audience interaction to pumping beats. The crowd is sampled and looped and phrases are magically put into a groove and assembled into a unique song. The beauty of this kind of crowd participation is that any member of the crowd will become a superstar.

Belly dance DJ

Dance performance in a new, ingenious way to a mixture of infectious rhythms. A dance solo performed in a way never seen before with an outstanding body control. A mixture of dance styles is accompanied with virtual turntables in an explosive manner.


Body Control and comic timing in an insane and impressive way. This act is the perfect ice-breaker that will turn smiles to giggle to hysterical laughter. Physical comedy with the perfect sense of timing and craziness!

Mad music

An intense party pleaser that will make the audience go wild. A live act that can make any party or club go bananas. The focus is to hype the crowd at any price. Sirqus Alfon plays well-known hits with a groovy sound that gets the audience to dance, sing, party and interact.

Air drums

A minimalististic but epic musical adventure. With just an empty stage the audience is invited into a fantasy world. In an inexplicable way the drummer seems to be playing on air.